Press Release:
Noble Automotive is pleased to announce some exciting and positive changes within the business structure of Noble Automotive

From Lee Noble:
'For some time now I have been working towards assuring the continued financial security that would enable me to further develop the Noble brand. I am very pleased to announce that I have now, with immediate effect, successfully teamed with a dedicated owner who shares my commitment, passion and vision for the future of Noble cars and their continued production and development.'

With this substantial financial investment plus the positive critical acclaim for the eagerly awaited Noble M15, scheduled for delivery early 2007, the future of Noble cars is assured...

The world's best affordable super car is about to get even better.

Noble M15 further developement.
The time we have had with the Noble M15 prototype has enabled us to do some further research and development. During the course of this positive and informative R&D we have found some significant improvements, which we are implementing in the production M15.

The car will look visually almost identical to the press prototype and will follow the Noble principle mission of producing the fastest, driver orientated affordable super cars.
Obviously we could have continued with the production of the original much praised and critically acclaimed M15 and released the up rated version at a later date.
This we felt would be both counter productive and unfair to our current customers awaiting delivery of the M15.

The best is about to get better.

Magazine Features
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