The first inklings of potential perfection are quite difficult to spot, because initially people feel obliged to find fault rather than heap praise. For instance evveryone who stepped out of the M400 after a few laps had to peel their shirt from the seat back, so they all moaned about the lack of air conditioning. Despite the relocation of the transmission tunnel to allow a straighter-legged driving position, they all said it... CONTINUE
The British car industry isn't the rudest of health. Where once our skills led the world, nowadays Germany builds the most advanced vehicles. Success has allowed it to plunder our crown jewels. BMW's unhappy marriage to Rover came to an end, leaving the British marque teetering on the brink, and Land Rover was sold to Ford. The Bavarian marque grabbed something even closer to our hearts: Rolls-Royce... CONTINUE
It's November 2003 and designer, engineer and managing director Lee Noble has just started work on hi slatest creation. He's on his own with the bare chassis of an M12 strapped to which is modelling foam and cardboard. Stapled to the wall is a list o fthings the new M14 shouldn't be, with next to it a much smaller list of what the car should achieve. Within weeks, we'll know how well the M14 measures up; how many... CONTINUE
The Noble M12 GTO-3R is one of those esoteric sports cars that hits you firmly in the viscera. Raw with desirability, it provokes an honest, emotional response that instantly affirms why, given a sizeable lottery win, you'd blow just about all of it on cars. If you love cars, you love the Noble, simple as that. It's a momentous time. As a company, Boble has matured over the last few years. Production has successfully... CONTINUE
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